On the farm we have a variety of animals all of which can be fed from the buckets we sell at the Farm entrance.

As you go into the farm the first thing to see are the Sheep and the Alpacas. We have two Alpacas who arrived at the farm in 2000. Going out into the field we have a large selection of Goats who can be “Quite Naughty!” Also we have two Cows who have long tongues to lick you with, two Donkeys, one Llama who were donated to the farm and are called Sugar and Spice, we also have a selection of Ponies who love to eat carrots. At the back of the farm are the Pigs who love to wallow in the mud. Running around the farm are the Chickens, Ducks and Geese. In the indoor barn we have Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and in the spring Chicks and Ducklings.